The Goods Hall Project

Goods Hall was Yesterday – Encounter is Today

Enable community and group Experience in renovated goods hall

Short description of the project:

“Begegnungsbahnhof Hasel”  – fit for future.

Out of the necessity of lacking a meeting place for groups, the idea to acquire a leisure centre was born over 40 years ago. The decommissioned train station in Hasel was purchased and transformed into a youth and leisure centre – a space to meet and interact.

Since then, a significant amount of self-initiative and personal contribution has been invested in the project.

Now a new construction phase awaits us: The goods hall is slated for conversion and expansion. New group/sleeping rooms are planned to enhance the opportunities for children, youth and families.


Goals and target audience:

We aim to create a space for as many children, youth, families, groups, old and young, poor and rich, strangers and acquaintances for:

  • Leisure activities, school excursions, kindergarten excursions, seminars, etc.
  • Interaction, exchanges, social togetherness
  • International encounters and mutual tolerance
  • Nature experiences

To achieve this, we want to initiate the next expansion phase of our “Begegnungsbahnhof” project.


Why the project should be supported:

There are fewer and fewer leisure/activity centres for children and youth work, as well as for people who want to spend time together.

We at Begegnungsbahnhof Hasel are trying to counteract this trend and create (free) spaces for people

  • to enable intercultural encounters
  • to experience social interaction
  • to practice tolerance

Through your support, we can ensure that the community house continuous to meet the needs and requirements (including separate sleeping rooms for carers/supervisors) and desires of our visitors (such as an additional group room) in the future.

Your contribution helps many people to make the magic of the “Begegnungsbahnhof” tangible, touchable and experiential.